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At AAE Virtual Bookkeeping, we work with you to determine the proper level of service you would need based on your unique circumstances, business and goals. 

Your Organization / Business / Home is my mission to make sure you have easy, reliable access to your financial reports.

With our acknowledged in past and present technology and software. We are very diligent in our  remote services and time-Consuming task for each client. 

Our services are for:

  • Individuals

  • Owner Operators

  • Entrepreneur

  • Small Businesses (DBA, LLC Sole Proprietor, S/C Corp.)

  • Non-Profit Organizations

We work in serveral ways in which you can choice

Quickbooks Online which allows multiple separate logins for (Owner, Admin, Bookkeeper, Accountant) recommended.

Directly on your PC remotely with your permission at a convenient time.

Accounting software installed on your desktop; we remotely connect to your computer and work directly on your accounting software.

 Create view only logins to banks and credit cards: Majority of all bank allow you to create a View Only Users. (Recommended).

Your financial information quality is nowadays essential to make sure you are according to the criteria requirements. This will allow you to make Professional and Effective decisions as Owner. QuickBooks Online is one of our prefer software because it gives you instant access to your account from any of your prefer devices. With QuickBooks you will receive overnight and/or live updates to your Financials.


Ester Pujols

CEO at AAE Virtual Bookkeeping and A&E Pro Tax

Trust, Accuracy & Communication

are the Keys to a Successful Business.

I am honored to be part of the Growth for each Individual, Family and Business.


Focus more on Your Mission and let me help on the Time Consuming Financials.

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